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S03E07: Understanding the role of a Head of Brand

S03E07: Understanding the role of a Head of Brand

What does a brand custodian do? In this episode, we unpack the most thankless job in the world of Creative, and put forth some ideas from our experience on how to make it work anyway.

*Hasita apologizes for the audio quality on this one- the Flu is an unpredictable game-changer, and we hope this does not severely impact what you take away from the episode!*

Episode Description

Is branding more than just marketing?

Delve into the world of brands as we analyze the core of branding, from emotional connection to custodian challenges. Discover the interplay between consumers, employees, and vendors, unraveling the craft of impactful branding. Understand that branding goes beyond marketing, shaping our perception of the world. Join us and unlock the secrets of brand custodianship!


00:00 | World Cup, Anthems, and Brand Blitz

02:47 | Branding is misunderstood in India

06:13 | What will your brand be in the long term?

07:39 | Brands as emotional assets have their own value

12:53 | Think of your brand as a person in a group setting

15:18 | What are the challenges with brand custodians?

19;37 | Case study of a poor consumer experience

24:35 | Closing


 Hasita Krishna is a marketing strategist and the founder of Motley Crew. She's best known for introducing comic strips to the world of cybersecurity, creating Spotify playlists involving lathe machines, and other marketing shenanigans that we all need to get up to, but usually don't. 

Motley Crew is the marketing and communications muscle powering next-gen B2B startups in the AI, HealthTech, Aerospace, Manufacturing, and Software Services sectors. Reach out to us for strategy workshops, execution, and team training.



Subha C is the founder of RainKraft, and as a business owner, asks the marketing questions that we all want to, but usually don't. She is an ICF-certified leadership and career-growth coach with over 22 years of experience (corporate & entrepreneurial) leading people and businesses to explore their potential. Prior to this, she held senior leadership positions in Citi India. 


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Damn Good Marketing
The Damn Good Podcast
Welcome to The Damn Good Podcast! For season 4 (of which we don't know how many episodes we will do), we have dropped the 'Marketing' to better reflect the fact that Subha and I are both human and are therefore prone to change. We're talking culture, and being two unknowns in the world of creatorship.
Hasita Krishna is a brand strategist and the founder of Motley Crew, a writer, a climate action advocate, and a SCUBA diver. Find her on Instagram @hasita.krishna
Subha C is the founder of RainKraft, a career growth coach, and a podcast host. She's on LinkedIn @Subha Chandrasekaran.
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