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The Damn Good Podcast S01:E02: The stories that shape our choices, our lives, and our generation

One only needs to be on LinkedIn to see one story coach or another promote a certain way of doing it. In rebirthing this podcast into its current avatar, the one thing that always existed was doubt.

Not the spark- that one comes and goes. Not the premise- it is as wide as it can be. Not even the persona- who are we speaking to you as? That keeps changing too. But the one thing that's always constant is doubt.

What do we say to you? What do we tell it like, so it means something? Today's conversation on #nasa #netflix and #applevisionpro goes BTS on what makes us inspired, what makes us teary, and what makes us buy what we do.

What did you think of this episode?

P.S. With each episode, we have gone for incremental improvements with each video podcast we make. For this one, we could’ve gone for the more cosmetic upgrades but we felt it was much more necessary to clean up the flow, and edit creatively. And a big shoutout to our video editor Ayush, for being patient, for working with us through this.

If you stick around to the very end, you’ll see he also has a great sense of humour!

Damn Good Marketing
The Damn Good Podcast
Welcome to The Damn Good Podcast! For season 4 (of which we don't know how many episodes we will do), we have dropped the 'Marketing' to better reflect the fact that Subha and I are both human and are therefore prone to change. We're talking culture, and being two unknowns in the world of creatorship.
Hasita Krishna is a brand strategist and the founder of Motley Crew, a writer, a climate action advocate, and a SCUBA diver. Find her on Instagram @hasita.krishna
Subha C is the founder of RainKraft, a career growth coach, and a podcast host. She's on LinkedIn @Subha Chandrasekaran.
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