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The Damn Good Podcast S01E01: New Beginnings As A Culture Podcast

Why we chose to 'pivot'


Have you noticed, also, that the ‘marketing’ seems to have quietly left The Damn Good Podcast?

We’ve been on a long and rather quiet hiatus from producing anything. And when the time finally came to put this out, we didn’t know what would be the right way to do it.

Minus the production budget of a series, and frankly even the editorial oversight, how we do we launch a new thing?

By being messy about it, perhaps.

In that spirit, we are glad to bring you The Damn Good Podcast- a pretty accurate representation of the fact that people evolve, and we are no exception.

I now often spend my weekends underwater as a conservation diver-in-training, cleaning coral with great gusto and encouraging the fish to reproduce. Yep. That’s my path and I think I’ve dived right in.

But that doesn’t mean I no longer do marketing consulting. I am still that person and I also happen to love that particular job.

Maybe the culmination of all of these is what we call ‘culture’- the slow, complex, usually painful evolution of a human being.

But that’s enough pondering from me. For now.

So, what can you expect from this ‘new and improved’ podcast?

  • A video version. Having personally enjoyed video conversation way more than I’d have thought, I think it is time to be brave about facing the camera.

  • Conversations on far-reaching topics: from ordinary city lives to what it means to be human today, expect everything, from two non-celebrity working women navigating life and work, much like you are too.

  • Lots of fun! Subha and I have always wondered what it might be like to open up our coffee table conversation- and we welcome you to join us.

Now, that’s all I’ll say. Tune in, and let me know what you think? It does mean a lot to me.

Damn Good Marketing
The Damn Good Podcast
Welcome to The Damn Good Podcast! For season 4 (of which we don't know how many episodes we will do), we have dropped the 'Marketing' to better reflect the fact that Subha and I are both human and are therefore prone to change. We're talking culture, and being two unknowns in the world of creatorship.
Hasita Krishna is a brand strategist and the founder of Motley Crew, a writer, a climate action advocate, and a SCUBA diver. Find her on Instagram @hasita.krishna
Subha C is the founder of RainKraft, a career growth coach, and a podcast host. She's on LinkedIn @Subha Chandrasekaran.
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