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S2E10 | How can I be more creative with my marketing ideas?

S2E10 | How can I be more creative with my marketing ideas?

Do you have to be a mad genius to be creative? Or get inspired somehow? Or is it something within reach of all of us, something that can actually be executed reliably and within deadlines? 

For this season’s final episode, we discuss creativity in all its glory. 

In This Episode

(02:43) How can we be creative?
(04:10) Do you always have to be inspired?
(07:40) How can a single person be consistently creative?
(08:30) 70% of ads aren’t memorable - how do you ensure yours don’t flop?
(10:00) Ways to get fresh ideas
(14:30) Connect the best ideas to your brand
(20:00) How to measure the effectiveness of your ideas
(22:30) Brands that transcend their status as a business

Your Hosts
Hasita Krishna is the founder of Motley Crew, a marketing agency that provides marketing strategy, consulting as well as execution for B2B companies.
Subha Chandrasekaran is the founder of RainKraft, offering one-on-one career coaching, corporate workshops, and consulting assignments involving process or people management. 

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Damn Good Marketing
The Damn Good Podcast
Welcome to The Damn Good Podcast! For season 4 (of which we don't know how many episodes we will do), we have dropped the 'Marketing' to better reflect the fact that Subha and I are both human and are therefore prone to change. We're talking culture, and being two unknowns in the world of creatorship.
Hasita Krishna is a brand strategist and the founder of Motley Crew, a writer, a climate action advocate, and a SCUBA diver. Find her on Instagram @hasita.krishna
Subha C is the founder of RainKraft, a career growth coach, and a podcast host. She's on LinkedIn @Subha Chandrasekaran.
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