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S2E9 | How can I use LinkedIn for lead generation? | Varnika Pasari, Founder, TicTactic | Performance Marketing, Paid Ads

S2E9 | How can I use LinkedIn for lead generation? | Varnika Pasari, Founder, TicTactic | Performance Marketing, Paid Ads

Have you been frustrated with your lead-generation efforts on LinkedIn? In today’s episode, we share with you tips and a formula you can apply to attract and nurture quality leads at a reasonable cost. Watch out for the bonus tactic on how a certain type of LinkedIn ad could be run for almost the same price as Google ads!

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In This Episode

  • (02:10) Why run LinkedIn ads?

  • (04:47) Think Campaigns, not ad-hoc messaging

  • (06:20) How to calibrate ad spend for maximizing ROI

  • (09:14) A formula for successful B2B lead generation

  • (12:56) LinkedIn ads are more effective than Google in many ways

  • (15:52) How should you evaluate the ‘success’ of a LinkedIn ad?

  • (18:20) How can a little company with limited budgets compete with the big guys?

  • (23:25) 4 easy ways to make your LinkedIn page more effective

  • (27:52) A satisfying project

Our Guest

Varnika Pasari is the founder of Tic Tactic, a B2B marketing solutions provider that aims to help brands grow their digital audience across platforms, convert them into quality leads, and maximize ROI.

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Your Hosts

Hasita Krishna is the founder of Motley Crew, a marketing agency that provides marketing strategy, consulting as well as execution for B2B companies. 

Subha Chandrasekaran is the founder of RainKraft, offering one-on-one career coaching, corporate workshops, and consulting assignments.

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Damn Good Marketing
The Damn Good Podcast
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